Apps that listen, comprehend and deliver accurate results

What if...

consumers could search, query, select, order and purchase on any mobile device... simply by speaking?

sales professionals could access leads, create new contacts, search and update their Salesforce accounts from any smartphone...with just their voice?

HumansFirst Technology is making this happen. Using cutting edge Natural Language Processing, apps with the ability to listen, comprehend and delivery accurate results are now available.

Just talk to search, shop, book and buy

Meet HER

Your personal online shopping and reservation assistant.

HER harnesses the power of natural language recognition to make searching for and finding anything you can buy, book, or reserve online a breeze. Just talk to HER and she’ll find exactly what you're looking for and bring it to you.

Download HER for Android or iPhone and experience the freedom of shopping online hands-free.

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Get more out of Salesforce with VoiceForce

Voice Force

You talk, we’ll listen.

Tell us to find a contact, add new leads, log meeting notes, or show opportunities and we’ll update your Salesforce account for you. It’s that easy.

Search and Update on the Go

VoiceForce makes up-to-the-minute updates, searches, and edits easy. Spell it out or type it in if you prefer.You’ll get the most out of Salesforce with the convenience of VoiceForce when, and where, you need it most.

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Seamless interactions powered by ColdSmoke

ColdSmoke™ is a SaaS platform for mapping natural language to web services APIs. Built on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, HumansFirst has created the ColdSmoke platform and has made available a Software Developer Kit (SDK) to quickly bring new NLP-based apps to market.

What Is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing is the method of taking normal speech as a collection of words and analysing the type of word and its value for use as input and can be used intelligently by a computer system to determine what the user wants.

Powered By ColdSmoke

HER and VoiceForce are the first apps powered by ColdSmoke and are available for the iPhone and Android operating systems.

About Us

Mike Klingen, Chief Architect and Technical Founder

Mike has over 30 years of experience developing sophisticated software packages, and co-founded Apriva, APPS Software, NetSearch and Zanova. He has expertise in software design and development across more than 30 industries including e-commerce, wireless applications, encryption/security and voice-over-Internet. Mike holds a secret security clearance for the NSA and 15 patents. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Arizona State University.

Yada Schneider, Co-Founder

Ten years as CTO of Bridge Technology, a successful start-up company. Nearly twenty years of design, deployment and support for diverse, complex technology solutions including artificial intelligence, enterprise business systems, device interface software and web-based solutions. He has been a trusted technology resource for companies including Intel Corporation, Choice Hotels International, GTX Corporation and Allied Signal Aerospace.

Gregory Goehner, Co-Founder

Startup, M&A and successful IPO experience. Director at ADFlex Solutions, Inc., a NASDAQ-listed international PC and mobile phone circuit manufacturing company. Prior to HFT, Gregory served as President for 8 years of NewGrass, a cleantech synthetic grass company.

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